Facing the sea, in the heart of the Gargano

Surrounded by the sea and the lush Umbrian forest


Where we are

Fabilia Hotels & Resort is the first and only Italian hotel chain, dedicated exclusively to holidays for families with kids. 


Welcome to Gargano in our Fabilia Family Hotel, a wonderful seafront pink castle with a private and safe beach. 


Our resort is surrounded by the green Umbrian forest. A real charm. 
You can enjoy a carefree holiday, with the All Inclusive Experience Drink & Food h24 format.
360° fun with our entertainment staff, for children and adults!



Sea & Forest
The Gargano coast is one of the most important naturalistic heritages of the Country. 
The 140 kilometres of coastline, the beaches, inlets, bays and caves, represent some of the most beautiful Italian places to spend your holidays. 
The Gargano coast offers small pebble or sandy beaches, caves, stacks and crags. 
To embrace the sea, with its 11.000 hectares of forest, the Umbrian forest. 
It is the green lung of the National Park of Gargano. 
Incredible green wonder! 


Culture & History

For centuries the Gargano has been a destination for pilgrims and devotees, attracted first of all by the cave of San Michele Arcangelo and, more recently, by the Sanctuary of San Pio da Pietrelcina and San Giovanni Rotondo.


The Promontory has played and plays a central role in the pilgrimages that in the past were undertaken as a penitential practice towards the Holy Land. The Capitanata is a land full of history.


As evidence of that medieval past some of the most majestic and well-preserved castles of the Federiciana era are: the Castel Fiorentino of Torremaggiore, the Castle of Lucera and the Castle of Monte Sant'Angelo



Trekking, Diving & Snorkeling

Trekking on the Gargano is the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the true identity of the promontory.

Crossing the paths that cross the Umbrian forest will allow you to come into direct contact with the beauty of the landscape, the sounds and scents that embellish these lands. 


If you are a dive lover, this is the right place for you! 
The seabed of the Garganic territory represent a real underwater paradise. 
The seabeds of the Tremiti, in particular, are a privileged destination for many divers to practice diving and snorkeling. 

The National Park of Gargano has created 23 underwater paths to allow you to enjoy the wonderful underwater heritage, with its wonderful sceanariums. 

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